November 2, 1993
December 19, 2022

Brianna Sisneros


Brianna had an amazing fiery attitude.

Gillette, WY
Rapid City, SD
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Briana Sisneros, a loving mother of five beautiful children, died at the young age of 34. She was an amazing daughter, sister, wife, and friend who would go to great lengths to help those in need, even complete strangers. Briana was a devoted mother who dedicated her life to raising her children and being a pillar of support for her family.

Unfortunately, Briana struggled with addiction and it took a toll on her life. Despite her struggles, she remained a kind and giving person who always had a smile on her face. She had suffered from past traumas and mental health issues, but her love for her family and friends was unwavering.

Briana had a heart for working with special-needs children and adults at Camp Friendship, where she brought joy and love to those she worked with. She was a stay-at-home mom who treasured every moment she spent with her children and family.

Briana’s passing has left a profound impact on her family and loved ones. She was the oldest and only daughter of her parents and leaves behind an 11-year-old brother. Despite her struggles, Briana will always be remembered as a bright light and sweet woman who touched the lives of so many. Her kind spirit and selflessness will never be forgotten.

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