Cody Dale Enger
June 4, 1996
April 21, 2023

Cody Dale Enger


Cody’s smile and eyes lit up a room and ALWAYS said I love you when hanging up the phone, texts or a hug and love you when leaving.

Pipestone, MN
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In loving memory of Cody Dale Enger, a beloved son, brother, father, and friend. Cody’s story began on June 4, 1996, in Pipestone, Minnesota, where he was born to Scott and Shari Enger. From a young age, Cody had a deep love for the outdoors, spending his days dirt biking and four-wheeling near his grandma’s house, never shying away from getting muddy. He was an avid deer hunter, eagerly anticipating the season every year with his dad, sisters, and cousins.

After graduating high school in 2015, Cody began working for Kelly Weber at K & A Auto Body, where he learned everything there was to know about auto body. His passion for cars and his love for his work were evident in everything he did. Cody had a special bond with Kelly, whom he considered a second father.

On March 20, 2020, Cody welcomed his son Kyren into the world with Lorissa Derby. Nothing brought him more happiness than being with his son. They shared an unbreakable bond, and Kyren was the spitting image of his father, sharing his love for cars and trucks.

Cody’s infectious personality, creativity, and innovation made him a force to be reckoned with. His favorite phrase, “Everything happens for a reason,” showed his unwavering faith and positivity. Cody’s smile could light up any room, and he had a heart of gold, always willing to help those in need. He cherished spending time with family and friends, and his selflessness and kindness made an everlasting impact on those around him.

Cody leaves behind a legacy of love and compassion. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

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    Jada Wiese made a donation to Emily’s Hope in memory of Cody Dale Enger. Thank you!

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      Angela Kennecke

      Thank you for your donation, Jada!

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    Shari Enger

    Thanks Jada! Love you!

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