September 18, 2003
February 28, 2023

Fawn Dietz


She was a beautiful, loving soul.

Detroit Lakes, MN
Albert Lea, MN

Fawn was born on September 18, 2003. She and her brothers endured a very challenging childhood until, shortly before her fifth birthday, she was moved into foster care and found her forever home. Fawn was outgoing and independent, sweet and funny. Wherever she went, there was always someone, child or adult, who knew her and would call out, “Hi Fawn!” She was smart and creative, often tweaking existing recipes or inventing her own when cooking or baking. Fawn had a soft spot for kids and animals, and she dreamed of working with adopted children like herself after high school.

Despite finding a loving home, the first five years of Fawn’s life left a lasting impact on her mental health. The trauma she experienced changed how her brain interpreted things. While everyone saw a sweet and loving girl, Fawn struggled internally to make sense of her past. She worked tirelessly to achieve her goals but never felt worthy of her successes, often sabotaging herself. Unfortunately, this sometimes led to the use of alcohol and drugs.

Just before her 19th birthday, Fawn left her apartment in anger, leaving all her belongings behind, and stopped communicating with her family and friends. Her family was unaware of her whereabouts until they received a call from the St. Paul police, informing them that they had found Fawn’s body.

In trying to piece together where Fawn had been, her family learned that she had reached out for help, just as they had always taught her. After leaving her apartment, Fawn stayed in a homeless shelter for a few days before moving into a sober living house. She did well there but had a relapse and entered a 30-day treatment center. She was proud to have earned her one-month sobriety chip. Tragically, only two days after leaving rehab, she stayed with a friend who gave her meth laced with fentanyl. When she overdosed, no one helped her. They left the house and called the police from a different location while Fawn took her last breath.

Fawn did not deserve the hardships she faced at the beginning of her life, nor the tragic end. She deserved the chance to live and find happiness, but she did not stand a chance against the fentanyl. Her memory lives on in the hearts of those who loved her.


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