May 30, 1991
March 16, 2023

Joseph Scott Stadler


His loving and caring heart.

Muskegon, MI
Flint, MI

In remembering Joseph, it’s important to celebrate the incredible light he brought into the world, even as we mourn the circumstances that extinguished it far too soon. A spirited soul with an infectious sense of humor, Joe was the type of person who could effortlessly bring a room to life. His laughter was a contagious melody, his jokes a testament to his quick wit and love for seeing others smile.

From a young age, Joe displayed an indomitable zest for life and a natural affinity for the outdoors. Whether he was hiking, fishing, skateboarding, or riding dirt bikes, you could find him at his happiest when immersed in nature. This passion led him to become a forest firefighter, a role in which he served with profound dedication. Traveling across the West Coast, Joe fought wildfires with courage and expertise, taking immense pride in his ability to protect homes, wildlife, and ultimately, human lives.

But Joe also fought another, much darker battle—one that he, unfortunately, couldn’t conquer. After experiencing the emotional toll of a devastating divorce and losing custody of his two sons, Joe’s life spiraled into the merciless grasp of drug addiction. Despite the valiant efforts of family, friends, and counselors to bring him back from the precipice, he was consumed by his struggle with meth, heroin, and fentanyl.

On March 16, 2023, at 10:35 a.m., at the young age of 31, Joe’s battle came to a tragic end. While he had survived multiple overdoses, thanks to interventions like Narcan, it was congestive heart failure and valvular heart disease that ultimately claimed his life—conditions caused by the damaging effects of heavy intravenous drug use. This was a heartbreaking revelation for a mother who knew her son as a healthy individual, free of any prior heart conditions.

As devastating as his loss is, Joe’s mother has now resolved to wage her own war—against the stigmatization of drug addiction, aiming to bring awareness to a struggle that is often misunderstood or overlooked. Her mission aligns with the way Joe lived his life: striving to protect and uplift others.

Joe will be remembered not just for the struggles that defined his latter years but for the incredible vibrance and kindness he brought to the world. He was a loving father, a doting son, a supportive brother, and a friend whose loyalty knew no bounds. His memory will serve as a poignant reminder of a life filled with potential, of a spirit too beautiful to forget, and of the urgency we must all feel to address the silent crises unfolding in the lives of those we love.


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