May 14, 2002
July 24, 2022

Mya Lynn Schiele


Mya was remarkable for her ability to effortlessly bring joy and connect with people deeply.

Minot, ND
Minot, ND
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Mya’s vibrant spirit and infectious laughter brought joy to everyone around her. A true social butterfly, her warmth and charisma lit up every room she entered, leaving a lasting impression on all who knew her. From being a mentor in the Sources of Strength program, to her caring role at a local childcare center, Mya dedicated herself to nurturing those around her. Her love for children was evident, and she cherished every moment spent guiding and caring for them.

Mya’s passion extended to the great outdoors, from barrel racing to unforgettable fishing trips and four-wheeling adventures. A farm girl at heart, her love for horses, especially her beloved Turbo, will forever be cherished memories.

We reflect on her love, laughter, and the indelible mark she left on our lives. Though her time with us on earth was cut short, her legacy of kindness and vibrant spirit continues to inspire us all.

Rest in peace, dear Mya. You are deeply missed, but your light continues to guide us.

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