October 22, 1972
February 28, 2020

Sara Babrove


Sara would always go out of her way to help friends and people in need.

North Miami Beach,

Sara Babrove struggled with addiction for most of her life, but in 2015, she made the courageous decision to check herself into detox and rehab after overdosing on heroin. After years of struggling, Sara was finally in recovery and determined to turn her life around. She was able to secure an apartment and even a car, a milestone that brought her immense joy and a sense of freedom.

Sara was a devoted mother who attended NA meetings and worked tirelessly to support herself and her daughter. She was an inspiration to many who were also struggling with addiction, and her strength and resilience were a testament to her unwavering determination to overcome her demons.

Born as the second oldest of four children, Sara was a helpful and talkative child. Her kind heart and willingness to help others were evident even at a young age, and she continued to be a source of support and comfort to those around her throughout her life. Sara was a good student, and her hard work and dedication earned her a master’s degree in criminal justice.

Sara had a passion for music and loved watching movies of all genres. Her quick wit and impressive sense of humor were among her many endearing qualities, and her ability to make those around her laugh and smile will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

In the last four years of her life, Sara and her mother grew closer than ever before, talking throughout the day and evening. Her goodnight texts will always be cherished and missed. Sara will forever be remembered as a loyal, loving, intelligent, hard-working, and funny person who touched the lives of many.


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