September 21, 1999
October 4, 2021

Amanda Cass


Amanda was the type of person who when asked to go right or left, she would choose to bushwack through the hardest path, barefoot, and maybe save a few baby animals along the way. Amanda did things with her heart, she moved through life with love.

Braintree, VT
Colebrook, NH

Amanda was born in Colebrook, New Hampshire, on September 21, 1999, to Lisa Champagne; from the moment she entered this world, she exuded an extraordinary spirit.

Amanda’s upbringing in Colebrook and Braintree, Vermont, shaped her into a young woman of diverse talents and interests. After attending local schools and graduating from Randolph Community Technical Center, Amanda took her first steps into the professional world at Lucky’s Trailer Sales in South Royalton, Vermont and Colton Enterprise in Pittsfield, Vermont, welding and splitting firewood. Though she found early mentorship and career growth there, Amanda felt a calling to return to her roots in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. She followed this call, working first with Ransom Placey splitting firewood, after she worked at Clark Jeffers operating heavy machinery, and later branching out to run her own welding business.

Amanda’s professional life showcased her tenacity and dedication. When she took on a task—whether it was welding, splitting wood, stacking wood, or farming—she gave it her all. Hardworking and meticulous, she could often be found barefoot in the gravel pit, loading trucks with the utmost care or welding intricate pieces of metal art, her long brown hair neatly tucked into her helmet. Her commitment to excellence was evident in everything she did.

Yet, it was Amanda’s deeply emotional and adventurous nature that left an indelible mark on everyone she met. If life offered her a choice between going right or left, Amanda would blaze her own path straight through the toughest terrain—usually barefoot—and perhaps even rescue a few baby animals along the way. She lived and loved wholeheartedly, often masking her intense emotional life behind a facade of toughness.

Amanda possessed a beautiful voice and had a love for singing, although she was modest and shy about sharing this talent. She was an artist in every sense, creating unique metal art pieces that mirrored her complex character. An avid lover of nature and animals, Amanda never missed an opportunity to marvel at wildlife, pick roadside flowers for her mother, or indulge in her favorite outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and hunting.

For those who were fortunate enough to cross paths with Amanda, the loss is immeasurable. She was a radiant light whose glow touched all corners of her world. While her absence leaves an unfillable void, her spirit will continue to inspire and guide those who loved her.


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  1. Robin Founds Avatar
    Robin Founds

    I would love to find out where I could purchase one of her paintings.

    Thank you.

    1. Angela Kennecke Avatar
      Angela Kennecke

      We have prints of Emily’s paintings available here: Thank you for appreciating Emily’s work!

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