May 21, 1993
May 11, 2018

Ava Michelle Howland


Ava Michelle was a loving daughter who was creative, sensitive and had an amazing sense of humor.

Henderson, Nevada
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

In loving memory of Ava Michelle, a daughter whose laughter could brighten even the darkest days. She was a free-spirited soul, filled with boundless energy during her growing-up years. Ava Michelle’s passion for life shone through her love for competitive cheerleading, where her spirit soared.

Sadly, her journey took a devastating turn when she encountered the clutches of addiction, initiated by the misguided actions of adults and so-called “friends” who introduced her to alcohol. This ill-fated combination mixed with the doctor-prescribed medications meant to alleviate her early-diagnosed mental illnesses led her down a perilous path. She began self-medicating with pills like Xanax, which eventually escalated to the use of heroin when the cost of street pills became unbearable.

In her pursuit of recovery, Ava Michelle sought treatment in Florida, only to become entangled in what the recovery community refers to as the “Florida Shuffle.” She aspired to share her harrowing experiences in a book, shedding light on the exploitation she endured as a vulnerable young adult at the hands of unscrupulous individuals. Many of these wrongdoers have faced justice, finding themselves incarcerated.

Throughout her own battle with addiction, Ava Michelle never abandoned her commitment to helping friends trapped in the depths of substance abuse. She fought her personal demons largely in solitude, but she remained a steadfast and loyal friend—a true “Ride or Die” companion to those she cherished.

To her, she will forever be known as “Mommy’s Super Trooper.” Her strength, resilience, and unwavering love continue to inspire all who knew her. Ava Michelle departed this world on May 11, 2018, while residing in a “sober home” in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the tender age of 24. She passed away alone in a room, beyond the reach of revival, poisoned by illicit fentanyl. Regrettably, the individual responsible for her tragic end was never held accountable, as her case was swiftly closed upon the receipt of the toxicology report.

Now, Ava Michelle’s voice lives on through her devoted mother, who carries the torch of her daughter’s memory. She shares Ava Michelle’s beautiful yet heartbreaking story with the hope that it will serve as a beacon of hope and awareness, ultimately saving lives in her honor. Ava Michelle is forever loved, cherished, and missed.


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