October 19, 1998
June 22, 2020

Jordan Martin


His beautiful smile, heartfelt hugs, and his ambition

Fair Oaks, PA
Sewickley, PA
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Jordan was a cherished son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, and friend. He had a deep passion for sports, excelling in basketball, baseball, and football. His love for football continued through college, where he showcased his incredible athletic talents. Jordan’s journey in sports saw him as a key player on all-star teams and AAU teams, and he proudly served as the captain of his high school football team.

Beyond the field, Jordan had a zest for adventure and a love for exploring new places. His enthusiasm for music was infectious; he constantly followed local artists and would immerse himself in music, often breaking into spontaneous dance around the house. To this day, his room’s radio sometimes flickers to life, reminding us that Jordan’s spirit remains close.

Family was everything to Jordan, and he was a pillar of support for his loved ones. He never missed an opportunity to cheer on his sister at her events, attend his cousins’ sports games, or celebrate family milestones and holidays.

Jordan possessed an enchanting smile that could erase any worry, and his warm hugs provided immense comfort to all lucky enough to receive them.

In addition to his many talents and passions, Jordan was an aspiring entrepreneur. He co-founded a real estate company with his father, acquiring two houses by the age of 21. He also embarked on a journey into the world of business, starting a gutter cleaning service, and had plans to attend trade school to become an electrician with dreams of establishing his own electrical business.

Tragically, in the early hours of June 22, 2020, Jordan unknowingly took a pill he believed to be a Percocet, which turned out to be fentanyl. He passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Jordan is dearly missed every single day by all who had the privilege of knowing him. He leaves an irreplaceable void in our hearts. His spirit will forever live on within each of us, and his boundless love for life will continue to inspire us all to “Live Like Jordan.”

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