June 28, 2002
June 9, 2022

Cooper Noriega


Coop had empathy and compassion for everyone he met.

Emerald Bay, Laguna Bay, California

Cooper Noriega, a beacon of empathy and a beloved figure, tragically lost his life to poisoning by Fentanyl on June 9, 2022. The lethal dose was hidden within a Xanax tablet, turning a personal struggle into a heartrending loss. Cooper’s untimely passing occurred in a Burbank, California, parking lot, just shy of his 20th birthday.

Known to many as a TikTok star with a following of 3 million, Cooper’s impact reached far beyond social media. He was driven by a deep understanding of his generation’s struggles with mental health and addiction. His empathy led him to create Coop’s Advice Discord, a platform launched just three days before his passing. This safe haven allowed peers from around the world to share their struggles, find love, and support, and to connect. Since its inception, Coop’s Advice has grown to over 225,000 active members worldwide, a testament to Cooper’s vision and influence.

In the wake of his death, Cooper’s management team and closest friends swiftly founded the Coop’s Advice Foundation, aiming to continue his legacy and support the platforms that he cared for deeply. Among Cooper’s initiatives was a collaboration with the End Overdose Foundation, where he planned to design a T-shirt to raise funds for their cause. The Coop’s Advice Foundation now honors this vision by dedicating merchandise to support End Overdose’s mission, echoing Cooper’s plea that “No one else needs to die!”

Cooper’s untimely passing has left a void, but his spirit continues to thrive through the Coop’s Advice Foundation. Focused on providing support, awareness, and education regarding the Fentanyl epidemic and youth mental health, the foundation serves as a lasting tribute to Cooper’s dream to save lives.

Cooper’s compassion, creativity, and drive set him apart as an extraordinary individual, one who saw the pain in others and took decisive action. His beautiful soul will be remembered not only for the joy he brought to millions online but for his enduring commitment to making a tangible difference in the world.


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4 responses to “Cooper Noriega”


    Thank you for this beautiful tribute 🦋

  2. Rokaya Avatar

    If just know how he actually saved me love him more than anything , love you so much coop.❤️❤️

  3. Bianca Blair Avatar
    Bianca Blair

    I’ll miss you man. I wont forget what he did for me. Always helped me when i was down, always made sure i was okay. He was a true soldier.

  4. ABBY Avatar

    i met him at Jaden’s concert he was so sweet heaven gained an angel i miss him so much i didn’t know him to well but i was a fan of him for awhile still am when i met him at Jaden’s concert it was amazing to meet such a beautiful boy u will be missed coop my prayers go out to his family and friends.

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