December 15, 2001
May 13, 2023

Collin Kristopher Bair


His love, kindness, care and compassion for everyone he ever met.

Chesapeake, VA
Saratoga Springs, NY

Collin, a beautiful soul and loving child, was tragically lost to a fentanyl overdose on May 13, 2023. From an early age, Collin exhibited a sweet and caring nature, showing kindness to everyone he met, whether human or animal. Throughout his childhood, he was closely attached to his mother, and his empathetic nature shone through in everything he did.

A gifted student, Collin always excelled in his classes and participated in advanced programs at school. His love for sports was evident, especially for ice hockey, which he began playing at the age of just 3. An artist at heart, Collin expressed his creativity through music, art, and unique clothing and style.

Collin’s compassion extended to the less fortunate and homeless, often stopping to offer food or a cigarette. He considered no one a stranger, making friends wherever he went.

His life took a painful turn at 18 when he witnessed a friend shot in the head right beside him. This traumatic event led to bipolar disorder and PTSD, causing Collin’s life to spiral out of control. His use of cocaine, heroin, crack, and alcohol turned into a full-blown addiction.

Collin’s family fought tirelessly to help him, enrolling him in treatment centers, and even getting him arrested in the hope it would be a wake-up call. Yet, every effort seemed to be in vain as the cycle of addiction continued.

He survived a life-threatening overdose on August 26, 2022, only to relapse less than 24 hours later. Despite his family’s desperate pleas to authorities, Collin was continually failed by the system.

However, there was a glimmer of hope when Collin entered an Oxford house in Virginia Beach. For six months, he embraced sobriety, working and engaging with the recovery community. His family began to rebuild their relationships, hopeful that Collin had turned a corner.

Sadly, their hopes were shattered when they received the call that Collin had overdosed again. The devastating news arrived like a blow, leaving the family in unimaginable grief. The toxicology report later revealed that it was a fentanyl overdose.

Collin’s life was a testament to joy, free spirit, fierce protection, and loyal friendship. Though he is gone, his memory remains a beacon of love and compassion. His potential impact on the addiction and recovery community will never be realized, but his fight will always be remembered.

Collin’s family, forever proud of their son, will continue to cherish his laughter, his big hugs, and the joy he brought into their lives. His absence leaves a void that words cannot fill, but his spirit lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.


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