January 24, 2007
August 10, 2023

Landon Phillip Jordan


Sweet smart boy full of compassion for others.

Crestview, Florida
Ft Walton, Florida

A young soul taken too soon, Landon’s memory leaves behind a profound impact on all who knew him. Born on January 24, 2007, to Caitlin Elise and Michael Jordan, Landon’s short but memorable life was filled with laughter, curiosity, and a love for all creatures big and small.

Landon was a 16-year-old who would have been a junior in high school this year. Passionate about the outdoors, he was an avid fisherman, a hobby that allowed him to connect with nature and the serenity of life on the water. His love for animals was unmatched, a trait symbolized by his very own dog, who was undoubtedly his faithful companion and friend.

Described by those who knew him as sweet, fun, precocious, and mischievous, Landon’s bright intellect was clear to all. However, his emotional journey was not without its challenges. Having had a troubled early life and faced numerous tragedies and upheavals, Landon battled anxiety and depression. Despite these struggles, his loving nature always shone through, and he was cherished by his family and friends.

Though he could be a handful at times, the love for Landon was unconditional. A unique and special boy, his spirit was one that could not be dampened.

Tragically, Landon’s life was cut short on August 10, 2023, due to a drug overdose. His death is now being investigated by authorities. The sudden and heartbreaking loss has left a void in the hearts of those who loved him.


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