July 25, 1997
July 22, 2021

Jacob Craig Wilder


His huge heart and his kind soul

Hammond, Indiana
Hammond, Indiana

Jacob Craig Wilder was a truly remarkable person, whose impact on those around him was immeasurable. Although he faced his own struggles, his heart was bigger than most. He had an unwavering willingness to help anyone in need and went out of his way to ensure they were taken care of. His selfless nature knew no bounds as he gave everything he had to offer, from the shirt off his back to his last dollar.

Jacob’s love for animals, particularly his cherished dog Chewy, was evident to all who knew him. He also found joy in cooking, and his favorite food was steak. He loved spending time playing video games with his closest friends. These simple pleasures brought him happiness, and he shared that joy with everyone around him.

Jacob’s passing was a tragic result of being given fentanyl without his knowledge, after being sober for five months. While some may refer to it as an overdose, his family fights for it to be recognized as poisoning. The pain of his loss is overwhelming, but his loved ones will continue to honor his memory by raising awareness and fighting for justice.

Jacob’s kind heart and selfless nature will never be forgotten. His spirit lives on through the memories of those whose lives he touched.


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2 responses to “Jacob Craig Wilder”

  1. Michele Wilder Avatar
    Michele Wilder

    Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for doing this. This means the world to my family and myself..
    Jacob’s Mama

    1. Angela Kennecke Avatar
      Angela Kennecke

      You’re welcome! We want to honor all of our children lost to this horrible drug epidemic.

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