October 9, 1980
February 29, 2008

Lee Baumgart


Lee lived life to the fullest.

Sioux Falls, SD

Lee spent his childhood in Tea, South Dakota. As a child, he delved into the world of martial arts through his involvement in Tae Kwon Do, honing his discipline and physical prowess. Additionally, Lee’s adventurous spirit led him to explore the exhilarating realm of BMX racing, where he fearlessly embraced the thrill of speed.

Following his time at Lennox High School, Lee ventured into the workforce, dedicating several years to serving patrons at Red Lobster. Before his death he planned to pursue his academic aspirations by attending classes at USDSU, fueling his thirst for knowledge and personal growth.

In his leisure time, Lee found solace and fulfillment in the company of loved ones. Family and friends held a special place in his heart, and he cherished the moments spent together, fostering meaningful connections. The outdoors beckoned to him, offering an escape into nature’s embrace. Lee’s passions encompassed the excitement of hunting, the freedom of riding motorcycles, and the sense of accomplishment derived from physical fitness. Engaging in rigorous workouts and participating in races showcased his dedication and determination.

Lee’s multifaceted interests and zest for life exemplified his vibrant character. He embraced each experience with enthusiasm and lived life to the fullest.


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