April 18, 1988
October 20, 2021

Sarah Stovall


She was an amazing mother, loved her pets, and was so smart.

Griffith, Indiana
Harvey, Illinois

Born with an infectious enthusiasm, Sarah’s childhood days were filled with laughter, sports, and a deep love for animals. From basketball courts to volleyball nets, her athletic prowess was evident. Young Sarah had a heart big enough to bring home every pet she stumbled upon, and her canines became cherished members of her family, almost like her own children. It’s comforting to imagine that she’s now walking beside them in the heavens.

Sarah’s dedication to care for others extended beyond animals. She stepped into the healthcare realm and became a certified medical assistant. This role saw her channel her inherent compassion and kindness, attributes that defined her essence.

Yet, beneath her vibrant surface, Sarah grappled with the shadows of addiction and depression. What began as an innocent introduction to pills morphed into a formidable adversary. The last three years of her life were particularly challenging as the grip of addiction intensified. Despite the anguish it wrought, Sarah’s love for her children and family never wavered. She continually sought treatment and recovery, showcasing her resilient spirit.

Tragically, Sarah fell victim to an accidental overdose, a result of being poisoned by a lethal dose of fentanyl-laced cocaine. It’s a devastating reminder of the pervasive threat of fentanyl and its indiscriminate victims.

Sarah’s memory will be etched in the hearts of all who knew her — as a doting mother, a loving daughter, a protective big sister, and a kind-hearted aunt.

Her untimely departure serves as a solemn call to action. It underscores the urgency of addressing the fentanyl crisis and advocating for comprehensive interventions for those battling addiction. In Sarah’s honor, let us unite and champion causes that prevent other families from bearing such heart-wrenching grief.


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