March 3, 1978
June 20, 2020

Shawna Vojak


Shawna was known for her big heart and her ability to love others.

St. Cloud, MN

Shawna’s educational journey began at Bemidji High School, where she completed her studies before embarking on a path in the healthcare field. Her dedication led her to obtain a Medical Coding Diploma from Northwest Technical College, and she further expanded her knowledge by earning a Medical Assistant Diploma in St. Cloud, MN. Throughout her studies, Shawna demonstrated a genuine passion for helping others and a commitment to excellence in her chosen field.

Known for her warm and compassionate nature, Shawna had a playful side that could brighten any room. Her infectious laughter and penchant for silliness brought joy to those around her. Among her greatest joys in life was spending quality time with her family, particularly her beloved nieces and nephews. Taking them for walks and enjoying outings to the park filled her heart with happiness. However, her deepest pride and joy came from her son, Isaiah, with whom she shared an unbreakable bond.

In addition to her close-knit family, Shawna placed immense value on her friendships. She cherished the bond she shared with her friends and loved creating cherished memories with them. From gathering around bonfires to enjoying fun-filled beach days or actively participating in community events, Shawna embraced the camaraderie and connection that friendship brought into her life. Her genuine love for people and her ability to create lasting memories served as a reminder of the importance of treasuring relationships.


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